Massage & Oriental Massage

Have you had a really stressful week? Are you feeling it in your muscles? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions and you live in Oxon Hill, MD, then what you need is a good massage from Serenity Acupressure Spa.

We have been conducting massage therapy in this area for quite some time now. As such, we see you as our neighbor and genuinely care if you're in pain, thus offering you oriental massage services as well. Everything we do is based on your needs. So, there are certain areas where you are feeling pain, you can trust in the fact that we'll act upon those things to improve your health and wellness. 

Here at Serenity Acupressure Spa, we are committed to oriental massage excellence. Why are we so committed to excellence? It's because your health and wellness is important to us. So whenever you come to Serenity Acupressure Spa, you can expect to receive the personalized, customized services you deserve. 

Regardless of whether you're under a lot of stress, feeling sore in your muscles, or having ongoing issues with pain, we would like to help and provide you with the best oriental massage services you have ever experienced. So, if you live in Oxon Hill, MD, come by today or give us a call and make an appointment. We'd really like to have the opportunity to show you that we really do stand by our word in providing overall great service to cater to your needs.